About Indexing

"Dina Dineva created the beautiful index, a poem in itself."
         - Harriet Rubin, author of Dante in Love

"I didn’t realize an index could be so fascinating. Dina has pointed out inter-relationships that even I didn’t perceive.
The index is virtually an analysis of my entire book."

         - Burton Blistein, author of The Design of "The Waste Land"

"On behalf of my co-editors and all the contributors to the volume, I would like to congratulate you on preparing an EXCELLENT index for our volume. It is one of the most comprehensive and useful indexes I have
seen in a long time. You did a great job!"

         - Gary Gereffi, editor of Free Trade and Uneven Development

"...an elegant index to a complex subject"
         - Dr. Bella Hass Weinberg, member of the Wilson Award judging committee, on the award-winning index to Max Jammer’s Concepts of
Mass in Contemporary Physics and Philosophy